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43 Air School

43 Air School Next Generation Training

43 Air School Port Alfred

Our Port Alfred campus is located in the Eastern Cape Coastal belt, known as the “Sunshine Coast”. The coastal climate presents a variety of weather conditions, exposing students to fair weather flying and the more challenging conditions associated with frontal systems. This allows training on basic and advanced levels without the need to travel to and from other areas.

  • Our Equipment and facilities are geared to ensure seamless training.
  • A fleet of over 70 fixed wing aircrafts, comprising of Piper single and multipiston engine aircrafts through to single and multi-turbine engine aircrafts.
  • Numerous fixed base simulators from entry to advanced levels, including our new 737 - 800 NG and soon to arrive A320 Simulator.
  • Full residential facilities at the Port Alfred and Bhisho campuses.
  • Comprehensive on-base amenities, including a fully equipped Pilot shop.
  • Gym, Sports fields, games room and an on-base entertainment centre.
  • 43 Jeppesen eLearning Platform for iPad.


43 Advanced Lanseria

The Lanseria campus is a non-residential facility located near Johannesburg, specialising in advanced pilot training, ranging from turbine and jet ratings to mandatory pilot proficiency testing and a comprehensive portfolio of advanced theoretical courses. Our Lanseria facility is geared to provide a World Class training environment.

  • Fully air– conditioned lecture and simulator rooms.
  • A fleet of over 70 fixed wing aircrafts, comprising of Piper single and multipiston engine aircrafts through to single and multi-turbine engine aircrafts.
  • Multiple lecture rooms enhanced with multi-media resources.
  • Computer based training centre with on-line resource library.
  • Pre & post flight briefing rooms with multi-media resources & cockpit reference guides.
  • Dedicated cockpit procedures training room.
  • Type specific fixed base & full motion simulators.
  • Coffee bar.
  • Accommodation packages.
  • Airport shuttle service.


Our philosophy is to give you a genuine operational capability, that is, to teach you to do the job you are licensed to do, and do it well. Whether a private or career pilot. Being able to do the job entails a lot more than controlling an aeroplane correctly and accurately. It includes effective and adaptable procedures, an applied operational knowledge and confident command skills. All these are taught and then practised through planned exposure to various conditions and situations.>br>
Our success is the result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy, sophisticated training programmes to translate that philosophy into tangible results, and effective management systems to provide quality control. And, of course, the right people to do the job.

43 Air School has identified specific objectives for all these aspects and designed step by step and logically structured programmes that achieve these. Theory and practical training are integrated throughout, and every dual and solo hour is used strategically for maximum productivity. There is no unstructured “hour building”.

Management programmes monitor not only your own but also our performance, identifies problems, and ensure corrective action. In addition to the Chief Flight and Ground instructors, the School has four standards flight instructors whose sole purpose is to perform a continuous quality control function.

Staff are all full-time professionals, with extensive operational and instructional experience. The College Registrar liaises with and takes care of the interests of our students.