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For over 140 years ROCOL® have manufactured technologically advanced lubricants for industry.  Today ROCOL® formulate and supply a comprehensive range of high-performance airframe greases, lubricants and corrosion inhibitive coatings for use on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

Our work with NATO defense organisations and international standards bodies along with companies like Rolls Royce and Airbus, has enabled us to accumulate the experience required to produce products that you can rely on to perform in any environment.


The complete range of high-performance commercial aviation lubricants
“AEROSPEC”, offers a full complement of greases for general airframe, landing gear, flying controls actuators and is the premium choice for many other commercial aviation lubrication tasks. It also includes products for specialist tasks such as aerospace anti-seize applications and corrosion protective sprays.

The AEROSPEC range uses innovative technology that ensures our products are industry leading in every way. AEROSPEC products can rationalise inventory and in many cases reduce the total cost of ownership of high-value aerospace assets. This is done whilst remaining compliant to the highest industry specifications, qualifications as well as aircraft OEM approvals.

These products include AEROSPEC® 100 semi-fluid lubricants developed for the Airbus high lift system rotary actuator gearboxes and AEROSPEC 3052 lithium-based general airframe grease approved by Airbus and Boeing. ROCOL also provide a range high-performance wheel bearing lubricants and corrosion inhibitors along with “Fit and
forget” and “Sealed for life” solutions.

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