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NAC Parts delivers in 2019

While NAC Parts has been leading the way in the aviation parts industry for many years, 2019 has been a particularly notable one for the parts division, a fact which was underscored by a significant spike in traffic to its webpage.  



Daher expands acquires Quest Aircraft Company

Family-owned French aircraft manufacturer, Daher recently acquired the US-based Quest Aircraft Company, renaming it Kodiak Aircraft.

Daher is recognised in aviation circles as the producer of the fastest turboprop aircraft in its class, and the acquisition of Kodiak Aircraft will enable the 156-year-old company to widen its product range and strengthen its position in the turboprop segment.


The nuts and bolts of NAC Parts’ safety process

With recent events regarding fraudulent aircraft parts and improper aircraft maintenance making headlines, safety and logistics processes have come under the spotlight. At NAC Parts, the safety and quality of all our parts is always top of mind, and each and every part we receive goes through stringent checks to ensure complete safety and peace of mind.


NAC ensures crew not left out in the cold

Winter in Afghanistan

NAC International Operations carries out global special mission contracts throughout Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Australasia and the Far East, covering everything from away-from-base flight operations and aircraft maintenance, to management and support services, often in hostile and unstable regions.


NAC drops in on Kitty Hawk Fly In

As Africa’s leading general aviation company, NAC is passionate about all aspects of the aviation industry and its team rarely misses an opportunity to interact with like-minded flying enthusiasts.


On 17 September, the Kitty Hawk Aerodrome in Pretoria East hosted its Kitty Hawk RV Fly In, which was attended by Rikus Rautenbach and Deneys Potgieter from NAC who were there to share in the excitement and comradery of the event.


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