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The Big 505

The Big 505

The Big 505

Wildlife Legacy, a South African consortium of world-class wildlife breeders, held an auction on 19 July and NAC Helicopter Sales was in attendance to feature its range of Bell helicopters.

Wildlife breeding has been identified as one of the fastest growing industries in the country and the auction, which was held at the Wildswinkel Auction Venue near Bela-Bela, was attended by over 300 people. NAC’s Gary Phillips, Rikus Rautenbach and Deon Wentzel were on hand at the event to assist interested auction-goers with information on the Bell’s helicopter range.

Commercial game lodges and private reserves are increasingly recognising the need to have access to state of the art equipment, such as helicopters, for game tracking and security purposes. Powerful, adaptable and highly capable, Bell ‘s range of helicopters provide a cost-competitive solution to the game industry.


the Big 505
The NAC team displayed a Bell 505 model, courtesy of NAC client Trys Schroeder, which attracted a great deal of interest on the day. The 505 is an aircraft reputed for its versatility, high-tech flight deck and adaptable cabin design, making it an ideal choice for wildlife owners.

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