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NAC drops in on Kitty Hawk Fly In

NAC drops in on Kitty Hawk Fly In

As Africa’s leading general aviation company, NAC is passionate about all aspects of the aviation industry and its team rarely misses an opportunity to interact with like-minded flying enthusiasts.


On 17 September, the Kitty Hawk Aerodrome in Pretoria East hosted its Kitty Hawk RV Fly In, which was attended by Rikus Rautenbach and Deneys Potgieter from NAC who were there to share in the excitement and comradery of the event.


Around 30 small aircraft participated, comprising mostly of RV8’s, whose owners flew in from multiple locations to display their aircraft, both on the ground and in the air with some fantastic formation flying.


The team from NAC enjoyed a great day out and were impressed by the enthusiasm that South Africans show for all forms of aircraft. NAC’s Agnes Phillips commented, “The intention in sending our team is to encourage networking and awareness of potential customers, who may well want to upgrade at some time in the future.”


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