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NAC Helicopter Training

NAC Helicopter students start year on a high note

For NAC Helicopter Training, 2020 got off to a busy start with a number of its students completing important course requirements in January and February.

Megan Heine completed her Initial Grade II Instructor rating on 24 February while three students achieved the unforgettable milestone of their first solo flights - Andy Lowe (18 January), Barry Ingle (13 February) and Kevin Lerena (24 February). Initial solo flights follow months of preparation, which includes ground school and flight training with NAC’s highly experienced team of instructors.

After completing his initial solo, Kevin Lerena credited his preparedness to the quality of the instructors. “They gave me the confidence and the ability to believe in myself,” he said.

Andrew Lowe earned his Private Pilot Licence (PPL) on 24 February, no small achievement considering he was working on an incredibly tight timeline. He explains, “I arrived at NAC with the completely unreasonable demand of not only needing to complete all aspects of a PPL (H) within a maximum period of six calendar weeks, but also needing to manage the entire process of doing this whilst needing to work around my extensive personal, business and travel commitments.”

He says that the team at NAC Helicopter Training truly embraced this “unreasonable and demanding challenge” with professionalism, unique sense of humour, alignment, and an absolute and singular focus on achieving all the goals they’d set out at the beginning.

“As a result of the incredible support of Alister's exceptional team, in less than five weeks I was able to complete the entire flight and ground school syllabus; with all exams passed and a PPL (H) in hand,” he said.
Andrew added, “The facilities, the people, equipment and overall environment at NAC Helicopters is truly something to be incredibly proud of and I am incredibly privileged at having been allowed to participate and be part of something so unique. I look forward to my continual return to visit a team of exceptional people that have very quickly become family, friends and colleagues.”

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