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NAC Parts delivers in 2019

NAC Parts delivers in 2019

While NAC Parts has been leading the way in the aviation parts industry for many years, 2019 has been a particularly notable one for the parts division, a fact which was underscored by a significant spike in traffic to its webpage.  


As a supplier of quality aviation parts and consumables, NAC Parts constantly explores ways to better serve the needs of its customers and this year the company secured a number of deals that would broaden its range of world-class consumables. The first was a distributorship for ROCOL, which allows NAC Parts to offer the AEROSPACE range of high-performance commercial aviation lubricants to the local general aviation industry. Just a few months later, NAC Parts also began supplying LPS brand lubricants, cleaners and rust inhibitors to the local market, which considerably simplifies the ongoing task of maintaining an aircraft.


As part of its drive to offer even more cost- and time-saving solutions to the local market, NAC Parts began working on the implementation of a part exchange program this year. This managed part service promises to lower turnaround times and provide improved logistical aircraft parts support 24 hours a day/365 days a year, keeping aircraft serviceable and back in the air in the shortest possible time. Overhauled parts are sourced from reputable suppliers exclusively, who are credible and able to supply all of the necessary supporting certifications.


Unfortunately, as highlighted by news headlines in recent months, not everyone in the industry shares NAC’s stringent processes regarding safety and certification of parts. In 2019, NAC Parts made an effort to raise awareness about the importance of following the correct processes regarding parts certification to ensure all parts are tracked and traced properly. This process involves the cataloging of every part removed from an aircraft and each part fitted must also be cataloged in order to supply a certificate for the handling of the part.


NAC takes its responsibility to safety seriously and is the only company in Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve Gold Bars (Basic Aviation Risk Standard for Flight Safety) status. Its facilities undergo in excess of 30 audits each year for part and maintenance safety and its internal processes are ISO certified. The CAA audits NAC facilities on a regular basis, including local and foreign warehouses, wherever they may be located.


NAC’s reputation for being committed to safety and quality offers customers peace of mind, which is one of the reasons why the NAC Parts online parts ordering and search capability has experienced steady growth since its inception earlier this year. The subsequent introduction of an online payment facility has resulted in even greater convenience, allowing customers to prioritize and complete orders online with easy pricing.


NAC Parts is dedicated to delivering service and support beyond all expectations, while continually finding ways to innovate and set the bar for the aviation parts industry.

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