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NAC Parts Launches Online Search Facility

NAC Parts Launches Online Search Facility

NAC Parts has gone live with its new online search feature, enabling customers to search for parts and request quotes through the company’s website. At launch, 12 000 aircraft parts were available to be searched online, with this number set to increase to 30 000 in the coming months.

The live ordering and quoting facility not only makes life easier for customers but also allows the parts management team to oversee the entire process to ensure all orders are responded to efficiently, further improving customer service and reducing turnaround times.

As Deon de Lange of NAC Parts explains, “The system ties the customer order request to the quotation, as well as to the success or failure of the sale response. This gives us a better understanding of the team’s successes and failures, allowing us to quickly make changes and improve our parts ordering service.”

NAC Parts believes the new online ordering facility will add even more value to customer relationships by empowering the sales team to engage and discuss options with customers. This increased interaction will ensure that the sales team remains in tune with constantly changing market needs.

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