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NAC poised to support essential services in Level 3

NAC poised to support essential services in Level 3


While the global pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on air travel for both business and leisure, the recent move to Lockdown Level 3 now allows for certain operations to resume. These include flights to support essential services for business and Government.

During its more than 70 years in the aviation industry, NAC has weathered many a storm and is well equipped to adapt to the new challenges posed by COVID-19. The company is hard at work applying its expertise to bridge the gaps created by the pandemic and to continue offering the highest levels of aviation services to its customers.

As the world comes to grips with the ‘new normal’, the NAC team has ensured that its operations comply with the stringent COVID-19 rules and regulations, enabling it to continue to support and serve the South African market.

All departments at NAC are still open and the experienced team is on hand to discuss the flight options available, as well as to answer any questions regarding safety measures that have been implemented to ensure the health and safety of its passengers and personnel. For more information regarding NAC’s COVID-19 safety protocols, visit disinfecting Jet plane.
To understand the implications of Level 3 and the wider range of aviation services now available to support essential services in both the public and private sectors, please keep in touch with NAC for news and updates.