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Winter in Afghanistan - International OPs October 2019

NAC ensures crew not left out in the cold

Winter in Afghanistan

NAC International Operations carries out global special mission contracts throughout Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Australasia and the Far East, covering everything from away-from-base flight operations and aircraft maintenance, to management and support services, often in hostile and unstable regions.

Sometimes the most hostile challenge pilots face is Mother Nature and, as winter fast approaches in Afghanistan, NAC is hard at work preparing its crew there to operate in the unforgiving climate.

Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, is located at a high altitude (1 800 meters above sea level) and in January experiences an average temperature of -1 °C. Nights are typically freezing, with temperatures dropping as low as -20/-25 °C. Snowfalls are frequent and occasionally heavy.

To prepare its crews to operate safely in these harsh conditions, NAC is spending a great deal of time and resources on training its crew to deal with the extreme weather conditions, snow storms, low visibility, contaminated runway surfaces, air-traffic congestion and constant aircraft de-icing.

Winter in Afghnistan

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