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The nuts and bolts of NAC Parts’ safety process

The nuts and bolts of NAC Parts’ safety process

With recent events regarding fraudulent aircraft parts and improper aircraft maintenance making headlines, safety and logistics processes have come under the spotlight. At NAC Parts, the safety and quality of all our parts is always top of mind, and each and every part we receive goes through stringent checks to ensure complete safety and peace of mind.

NAC is, in fact, the only company in Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve Gold Bars (Basic Aviation Risk Standard for Flight Safety) status. Our facilities undergo in excess of 30 audits each year for part and maintenance safety and our internal processes are ISO certified. The CAA audits NAC facilities on a regular basis, including local and foreign warehouses, wherever they may be located.

When parts arrive at NAC, they are inspected physically and administratively by trained and experienced receiving parts inspectors. Any suspicious or questionable parts are immediately quarantined. In addition, if the paperwork does not support the part requirements, the part is returned to the supplier.

NAC takes no chances when it comes to safety and many parts have been written off for not meeting our safety and compliancy standards. All bogus parts are destroyed to prevent any form of recirculation. While this practice does result in direct financial losses, NAC is steadfast in its commitment to safety and stands behind its processes.

NAC’s QA teams also approve and audit all its suppliers to ensure consistency and quality in the parts supply chain. As a result, NAC flight crews have the utmost confidence in their equipment especially when flying in extreme and conflicted operational environments.

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