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Pilots and Crew


As Africa’s leading general aviation company, National Airways Corporation (NAC) is no stranger to operating under challenging circumstances. The company’s Flight Operations division specialises in global special mission contracts, regularly operating and managing air support assignments throughout Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Australasia and the Far East.

In recent months, however, COVID-19 required the NAC team to employ all its logistics and problem-solving skills to perform crew changes for its international contracts under incredibly difficult conditions. The range of challenges that needed to be overcome included everything from closed international borders, limited airline flights and stringent COVID testing, as well as obtaining government approval to travel over-border.

NAC’s team had to think out of the box to come up with procedures to safely bring home crew that have been on contract for extended periods and then replace them with fresh crew. NAC reached out to its clients and competitors to find solutions to the obstacles it was facing and received overwhelming support and camaraderie.

Due to exceptional teamwork, NAC managed to successfully perform crew changes on all of its outstations ranging from Afghanistan, Iraq, Chad, Mali and the DRC, proving once again that its company slogan ‘Forward as One’ is more than a marketing line, it’s the core principle of how NAC operates.

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