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NAC is an authorised representative for the Kodiak in Southern Africa and we are delighted to share a Decade of Improvements with you on this spectacular aircraft.

The history of the Kodiak has been a story of continuous improvement and refinement. These are the technological improvements Quest has made to the Kodiak over the past decade.

  • Increased Take off Weight
  • S-Tec 55x Autopilot added as standard
  • Synthetic Vision added as standard
  • Inflatable Door Seals added
  • Sound Proofing Improvements
  • Major Electrical Enhancements with a Stall Computer, DIPS and Squat Switch added
  • Enhancements to cargo door
  • 5th step of corrosion prevention added
  • Improved Shimmy Damper & nose landing gear
  • IE Fuel Flow Transducer upgrade
  • Nose Strut & Drag Link refinement
  • Bleed Air & Cabin Improvements
  • Lower Pressure Fuel Switch upgraded
  • Major Air Conditioning upgrades
  • New Style Reading and Map Light Switch
  • New Style Cargo Door Switches
  • Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)Functionality increased
  • Placard & Safety Improvements
  • Increase in Payload by removing unnecessary weight
  • Major Environmental Control System overhaul and update to full digital touch screen interface
  • Airframe engineering Improvements for added strength and weight reduction
  • Entirely new Cabin Lighting System
  • Cockpit Ergonomics Layout Improvements
  • New Windshield Components & Refinements Brand new fully Composite Interior – major upgrade
  • Annealed Crew Door Windows
  • Improved Crew Door Steps
  • Airframe life extension
  • New Style Cabin Heater added
  • Exterior Lighting upgrade to LED/HID
  • 3” Speaker Installed in Cockpit
  • Changed Tundra Standard Interior / Includes 4 Passenger Seats as Standard Equipment
  • Increased Landing Weight to 7,255 (same as T/O weight)
  • Upgraded Cargo Door
  • Advanced Kodiak Familiarization Course & full motion simulator added
  • WX Radar Harness Installed on all planes
  • Summit Executive Interior Added
  • Garmin Autopilot added as Standard Equipment
  • Cockpit/Cabin USB Ports added as standard
  • TKS Tank Available in Pod
  • Carbon Fiber Aerocet Floats Certified
  • Bleed Air & Cabin Noise reduced
  • Cockpit Voice and Data Recorders Available
  • Electric and Avionics Upgrades
  • Improved Oil Cooler
  • Firewall Blankets Added
  • Fatigue Life Doubled
  • Smoked Windshield UV Light Protection added
  • Tail Stand Improvements