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Rolls Royce entrusts NAC with its RR300 engine

Rolls Royce entrusts NAC with its RR300 engine

Rolls Royce RR300 engines, which were designed to replace piston engines in light helicopters and general aviation aircraft, will continue to be serviced at the NAC Helicopter Maintenance facility at Rand Airport after Rolls Royce renewed NAC’s service centre agreement for another three years. This agreement cements NAC Helicopter Maintenance’s position as the only Rolls Royce Authorised Maintenance Center (AMC) in Africa.


RR300 engine


With a certified multi-fuel capability, the RR300 delivers smooth performance and proven turbine engine responsiveness. And, because reliability is a Rolls Royce mainstay, a 2000 hour Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) has been incorporated into the maintenance philosophy to assure dependable power and predictable performance for the owner or operator.


In addition to the PMI, NAC Helicopter Maintenance offers line maintenance parts, and limited repairs on the RR300 with weekly consolidation of parts from the Rolls Royce parts distributor. In addition, non-destructive testing and aircraft welding can be performed in-house by NAC’s specialised maintenance personnel to ensure reduced costs and downtime.