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July winner

Ashley Spolander Nominated by Andre Robberts

Nominated by Andre Robberts

Elize Human

Nominated by Giel de Bruyn

Jaco de Klerk

Nominated by Prudence Mlandu

Congratulations ! Enjoy your R1000 and a day off to spend it!

Also nominated this month

Dave Pirie, Rikus Rautenbach, Jaco Loubser, Marna Marais, Deneys Potgieter, Colin Fletcher and JB van den Walstleben by Agnes Phillips Tanzin Otto by Isabel du Toit

Many thanks for your commitment and hard work!


Ashley Spolander

Nominated by André Robberts

I hereby would like to nominate Ashley Spolander for UMVUZO for July 2019.

As an "outsider" and more involved with training, I have recently noticed the complete and above standard required dedication and utter commitment from Ashley towards his work as Bell Supervisor here at Rand Heli maintenance

This is especially from him as Supervisor, having to jump in and assist with general tasks which could have been seconded to engineers, which unfortunately are limited, because most of the engineers working
elsewhere/ abroad This has put an enormous workload on him and he does not hesitate to jump in and get down and “ if I may call it so Tea time, lunch time and after hours included.

With the current workload and the constant requests from clients, as well as controlling and maintaining personnel issues, this makes his daily task way above his calling as supervisor.

This is not to mention that he, even at these times has to stand in for other staff members, as they have obligations elsewhere to content with, he has to leave suddenly for a flight t o work i n another area or country He even makes time to accommodate me, when I need his assistance with regards to information or training aid provision.


Nominated by Giel de Bruyn

I would like to nominate Elize Human for the monthly Umvuzo award for the following reasons

During December 2018 the Financial system was upgraded and the implementation of a new interface process between the Financial System and
Aircraft Maintenance System ( which brought a lot of teething problems with it Elise was the one that work closely with IT and our Outsourced Software company to correct the errors and to advise the end users of the correct procedures to follow to avoid the errors

Elise also trained the end users on how to use the new Financial System and received an enormous amount of calls and emails for help from them until such time that the system problems were resolved and the stabilised

Since the beginning of April unti l year end she spent an enormous amount of time to reconcile Rand and Lanseria’s Work in Progress accounts to identify the problems and to process the corrections in the financial system to ensure that the cost allocations were done to the correct account in time for year end This is above her normal line of duty.

During all this time from November 2018 unti l the end of the financial year end Elise was under a tremendous amount of pressure to ensure that she did not
fall behind and she had to perform work beyond her normal working hours and had to work during her private hours at home, during weekends and at night.

During this time she was always friendly and helpful and she always behaved highly professional, both towards her colleagues and to NAC’s service
providers I believe that Elise is truly a big asset to NAC and truly carries the NAC spirit of FORWARD AS ONE


Jaco de Klerk

Nominated by Prudence Mlandu

I spent the last few days thinking who to nominate in an office filled with such great people who love and enjoy their work I obviously cannot nominate all of them, can I?

This month I would like to nominate my mentor, leader and teacher Jaco de Klerk.

He is always willing to help, it doesn’t matter the amount of work that is piling up on his desk, his door is always open Not just fo r me, but to anyone that needs help A while back he needed to submit a tender and we had not received the Air Operating Certificate from the CAA as yet He remained persistent throughout to ensure that we receive the AOC and be able to submit the tender I know some might say that it’s his job, he has to do it but he went beyond the job.

When the CAA gave him the run around he did not back down He ensured that we got the certificate.

I learned that “in order to achieve positive results, one has to not give up and remain persistent

I honestly do think that he deserves to win as a thank you for all his efforts

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